In case you feel a burning desire to find out more about the blog, I’ve provided some A’s to some frequently (or only sometimesly) asked Q’s…

How’d you get them snaps?

At the moment, Im using a Cannon EOS 60D. I am still very new to the photography scene but very eager to learn. I’ve done a few courses in the past and have recently enrolled in an online project, ‘Seeing Through Photographs’ with the Museum of Modern Art.

All the photos you see on here are my own, I use GNU Image Manipulation Program, (GIMP) to edit them. I’m more than happy for you to use one or two, but please just ping me an email first.

Got any fancy tools?

Well, I do use a KitchenAid free standing mixer if that’s what you call fancy. Annoyingly though, i don’t technically own it, it belongs to my mum. A real shame.

Like a lot of country folk,  we have an AGA . Most of my baking is therefore done in that…THE actual dream.

Whats your schedule?

As I’m floating around in a sort of life-limbo at the moment, I am finding enough time to post once a week. However, I am up and moving to London (ooooo aaaaaeee eeee, very excited) soon and all being well, should be in full-time employment by April. Unfortunately, this means posts may become less frequent for a short while.

That is all speculative though and like most things, I’m just going to play it by ear.