Hi, I’m Millie. A born and bred country-bumpkin and I write this blog. I graduated from the University of Leeds back in June 2015 and have since returned to my family home in the beautiful, if not entirely remote, Wilshire countryside. Sandwiched between two farms and a charming woodland these never-ending green fields that I call home are, my pastoral utopia. An environment in which I find my thoughts to be undisturbed, honest and free.

The consequence of allowing one such undisturbed thought to run amuck? Milliesfeuille.

Having fallen widely in love with books as a child, reading and writing remain a big part of my life. I am forever jotting things down and filling the pages of various notebooks. In some respects, this blog is a continuation of that. Even more so, committing to a blog permits entire days spent cooking in the kitchen. Not only is this my most wonderful and favourite pastime, but also my escape mechanism. A great distraction from the very overwhelming prospect that I have absolutely no idea where I am headed.Β I suppose ultimately, Milliesfuelle is an amalgamation of passions. A creative outlet allowing me to bake and to write simultaneously. A place to document recipes and capture moments. A space to reflect and share my kitchen experiences.

‘Let us never forget that we are only making something to eat. And yet, it can be so much more than that, too. So very much more.’
(Nigel Slater, Notes from a Larder)

Yes, food is essential. It’s primitive and it’s instinctive. However, I am not convinced that it is simply a primal necessity. Food is a universal platform for communication, it brings people together and binds them to a moment. Recipes have an origin, they are as much about the past, as they are the present. Food, therefore, has a history and it tells a story.

As a young girl I was fascinated with fairy-tales and mythological stories. Twenty-odd years down the line, they continue to enchant me. Perhaps on a subconscious level it’s why I decided to to spend three years studying Classical Literature at University? Homer, Virgil and Ovid are, after all, the archetypal masters of our storytelling tradition. Much like the childhood tales which offer a separate reality for the reader, I cannot help but feel that food inspires a similar form of escapism, for the creator and the consumer.
And so, whilst here you will find hearty and rustic recipes of a self-taught, home baker. This space is also a creative outlet, an escapism. Through the photographs, the ramblings, the anecdotes and the daydreams, I will narrate my food history and share with you, my story.



I like bacon, Biscoff Spread and eggs cooked every single way. I have a compulsion for marmite spaghetti, black coffee and I’ll put Sriracha chilli sauce on anything.
If it were possible I’d eat everything with a teaspoon. It is my utensil of choice.
I am fascinated by trees and collect egg shells, buttons and other delicate objects.





5 thoughts on “About

  1. The Vagabond Baker

    Hello Millie!
    Your blog is lovely and beautifully written, I wish you well on your blogging fairytale! Blogging really is an adventure, packed with wonderful characters and surprising doors to new worlds and experiences. xxx


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