Today is Wednesday and that means we’ve successfully made it through the dreaded Monday and Tuesday of the week, so that’s good. Wednesdays are good. Wednesdays are especially good in our household for the 2 following reasons:
One, we frequent the local (and only) pub, the Wagon and Horses for a juicy 80z Steak Night deal. And two, We receive our weekly dosage of organic fruit and veg delivered on the doorstep by the lovely Able & Cole.

I reiterate. Wednesdays are good.

I know that to some, buying into the organic ethos may seem a little rah rah and have people asking, is it really worth all the faff? I too had initial reservations about these organic box schemes but hear me out, it’s actually great! For one, it encourages more adventurous cooking by introducing obscure seasonal produce. Stuff you’ve never heard of let alone cooked with (yes a kohlrabi is an actual vegetable). But more to the point, you get to see veg as it should be with all its oddities and imperfections. The misshaped carrots and the kinked parsnips that thanks to ridiculous trading standards, never make it to our supermarkets. It’s straight-from-the-ground proper veg with character. I love it.

Today’s parcel did not disappoint. I saw this ginormous potato bulging from inside the veg box and immediately thought, I’m having you, and I’m having you for breakfast.


Potato & Chive Pancakes

These buttery potato and chive pancakes or Tatty Scones as there rightfully named by our friends North of the border, are a Scottish delicacy and a great addition to anyone’s Saturday morning fry-up. Although personally, I prefer them with smoked salmon and scrambled eggs as a mid-week brunch.

Traditionally the pancakes are made with leftovers. But since I’m making this batch from scratch, I’ve left the skin on to enhance the earthy potato flavour. A few spring onions and some chive snipping’s spatter the pancake with colour and compliment the salmon which sits on top.

This is super easy and tastes oh so good…Pure Barry!!


500g potatoes, with skins on
100g flour
a bunch of fresh chives
3 spring onions
1 knob of butter


Cut the potatoes into chunks and boil for about 10 minutes in salty water. Once tender, drain and allow to cool a little. Add the flour ( this gives the pancake it’s doughy texture). Mash together but don’t be tempted to stir it too much.

Thinly slice the chives and the spring onions then add them to the potato mix with a knob of butter. Season to taste with salt and pepper. Bring the mixture together with your hands and divide into four equal balls.


Heat a large frying pan and add a little olive oil. Place the potato balls in the pan and pat down until flat (about 2cm thick). Cook for 10 minutes or so, flipping them and allowing both sides to brown.

Top with scrambled eggs, some smoked salmon and handful of pea shoots


Wednesday 24th February 2016


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